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Dentures are a good option for replacing all or most of your natural teeth, but it’s important to find a dentist skilled in crafting the best possible fit. Rick Brar, DMD, and Keith Bram, DDS, of Envision a Smile in St. Charles, Illinois, have helped hundreds of men and women find dentures that are comfortable, secure, and effective. If you’re curious about the process of getting dentures, schedule a consultation to learn more, either online or by phone.

Dentures Q & A

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What are dentures?

Dentures are customized replacement teeth that fit over the surface of your gums. You can remove dentures for oral hygiene and while you sleep. For many, a great set of dentures restores normal dental function after years of decay or other serious dental problems.

A set of dentures that replace all of your teeth are called full dentures. If some of your remaining teeth are healthy, you might only need a partial set of dentures to replace those teeth that are missing. Both types of dentures feature an acrylic plate that fits over your gums and other soft tissues and the artificial teeth that create your new smile.

If you’re searching for a more permanent option to replace missing teeth, dental implants or implant dentures are a great choice. They require a greater up-front investment but will last a lifetime with no need for special care or replacement.

What are implant dentures?

Implant dentures are false teeth, or crowns, secured to an implanted titanium base. One approach is known as All-on-Four implants and consists of four implants anchored into your upper or lower jaw that secure a row of crowns.

Another option is called subperiosteal implants. This option consists of a row of crowns secured to a titanium base plate surgically positioned beneath your gums. This approach does not involve your bone tissue.


Why bother replacing missing teeth?

If you’ve lost some of your teeth, your mouth no longer has the structural support it once enjoyed. Your remaining teeth can shift out of position, causing a new set of dental problems. Your facial muscles can begin to sag, making you look years older than your actual age.

The cosmetic advantages of dentures are hard to overstate. Many men and women change the way they eat, speak, or smile as they lose their natural teeth. That can have wide-ranging ramifications.

For example, missing teeth can make it hard to eat a variety of foods, many of which require significant chewing. Limiting your diet in this way can cause serious health issues seemingly unrelated to your dental health.

How do I get dentures?

Your Envision a Smile dentist begins with a thorough dental exam and a discussion of your health history. If you have remaining teeth that show signs of decay, your dentist explains your restoration options. If a root canal or other procedures can save the teeth, that work must be done before creating your partial dentures.

If your remaining teeth are beyond saving, you may need extractions. After the removal of those teeth and the healing of your gums takes place, your dentist can create optimal fitting full dentures.

Once your soft tissues heal, you return to Envision a Smile, and your dentist creates impressions or uses digital imaging to help the lab craft your customized dentures. When they arrive, you return for the fitting. Your feedback is critical, as your dentist can make adjustments to improve fit and reduce any discomfort.

To explore dentures in greater detail, book a consultation at Envision a Smile today. You can set up your visit online or over the phone.