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We Provide Gentle Dental Extractions

The decision to perform an extraction is typically straightforward when a tooth is impacted by significant decay, severe periodontal disease or a fracture. In addition, impacted wisdom teeth nearly always need to be extracted. Digital X-rays are used to analyze the underlying structures and determine if the tooth can be saved. If there is a pulp infection without a tooth fracture, root canal therapy is a highly successful method for preventing extraction. Extraction of normal teeth may be required for orthodontics, full mouth dental implants or when a primary tooth hasn’t fallen out and is stopping a permanent tooth from erupting. At Envision A Smile Dentistry, our goal is always to save natural teeth, however, if conservative treatment is ineffective, extraction may be necessary. Extraction of a damaged or abscessed tooth can prevent more serious issues from impacting other teeth, your oral health and even your physical health. Regardless of the reason, Dr. Rick Brar has extensive expertise performing gentle tooth extraction in St. Charles, IL. With a local anesthetic, tooth extractions will alleviate acute or chronic tooth pain and restore your oral health.

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

Due to the position at the back of the mouth, lack of space or an obstruction, wisdom teeth (third molars) frequently become partially or completely impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth are hard to clean so they’re prone to bacteria buildup. This can lead to decay, pain, swelling, gum disease and cysts that can harm adjacent teeth and bone. Dr. Rick Brar offers wisdom tooth extraction in St. Charles, IL under local anesthesia, however, more complex cases may be referred to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Benefits of Tooth Extractions

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Our Tooth Extraction Process

During your initial consultation at Envision A Smile Dentistry, we’ll determine if tooth extraction is needed based on your oral exam, symptoms and diagnostic imaging. We accept insurance from several leading insurance providers and offer financing, to make paying for extraction as painless as possible. If we decide tooth extraction is the best option, you’ll schedule this appointment before leaving our office. For uncomplicated tooth extractions, numbing the site with a local anesthetic is usually sufficient. Most patients report feeling slight pressure during the procedure because we use a tool called an elevator to loosen the tooth, followed by a forceps to grasp it, rock and back in forth in the socket and remove it. Rest assured, Dr. Rick Brar gently removes your tooth, being careful not to harm adjacent teeth, underlying bone and surrounding gum tissue. Because our dental team routinely performs tooth extractions, your procedure will be efficient and over before you know it!

What to Expect After a Tooth Extraction

Before you leave Envision A Smile Dentistry, our team will review postoperative instructions with you. It’s important that you follow our recommendations to ensure healing and recovery is smooth and free of complications. A blood clot typically forms over an empty tooth socket during healing. If the blood clot doesn’t form or gets dislodged, this can expose the bone and nerves below the socket and lead to dry socket. While this painful complication only occurs in an estimated 0.5–5.6% of simple extractions, dry socket can impact up to 30% of cases following surgical removal of wisdom teeth. Dry socket isn’t completely avoidable, but you can help prevent it and safeguard a smooth recovery by following our guidelines.

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Upgrade Your Missing Smile After Tooth Extraction

We recommend tooth replacement after extraction to prevent adjacent teeth from shifting and to restore smile function and beauty. Although bridges restore function and prevent remaining teeth from shifting and altering your bite, bone loss in the empty socket continues unchecked. Made from durable, strong and natural-looking materials, dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement solution that prevent bone loss and encourage new bone growth. Bone loss can occur as early as six weeks after extraction, so we suggest scheduling a follow-up visit as soon as your gums have properly healed to discuss your options.

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