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If you’re suffering from sudden tooth loss or dental pain and discomfort, Envision a Smile Dentistry can help. Our same-day dental implants can restore your smile in one efficient appointment and send you back to your daily routine in no time! Dental implants are a ground-breaking technology that allows Dr. Rick Brar, the flexibility to treat a wide variety of tooth loss cases. No matter if it’s a single tooth or a gap of missing teeth, dental implants can restore your smile. Our same-day dental implants ensure our patients leave our office with the ability to enjoy their new smile right away without any downtime or gaps in their routine. Dr. Brar and our team have helped patients across the St. Charles, IL area replace missing teeth with our same-day dental implant solution. Traditional dental implants typically require months to complete, but our same-day dental implants allow you to enjoy the benefits immediately, so you never have to stop smiling.

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The Same-Day Implant Advantage

Same-day dental implant repairs offer several advantages over traditional repairs, with the most notable being their speed and convenience. Unlike traditional repairs that can take days or even weeks, same-day dental implants can be completed within a few hours, enabling patients to resume their daily activities without significant downtime. Even with it being emergency care, our same-day dental implants are often more cost-effective compared to the cost of replacing the entire dental implant, providing a long-term solution and cost-saving benefit for patients. Our teeth-in-a-day solutions are an excellent choice for those seeking efficient and affordable dental implant repair options.

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Our Same-Day Dental Implant Process

With a combination of skill and advanced dental technology, Dr. Brar can complete your smile in a matter of hours with our simple same-day implant process. To begin, Dr. Brar will complete an oral exam to assess the damage to your dental implants and take 3D images of your mouth. From there, Dr. Brar will create a treatment plan to restore your smile, ensuring the final look and fit matches the surrounding teeth and your facial appearance. Dr. Brar will then use our 3D printing technology to create an accurate 3D model of the mouth, allowing for precise dental implant placement. The dental implant is then fabricated and placed during the same appointment, saving our patients time and hassle. Once placed, our patients can get back to enjoying their favorite foods without any restrictions, alleviate pain and discomfort, and continue showing off their beautiful smile!

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