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Things to Know About ClearCorrect Aligners in St. Charles, IL

In the past, the only way to have the teeth straightened is to opt for an orthodontic treatment that uses metal brackets and wires. Although it worked effectively, not everyone was fond of the approach. The main reasons were unsightly appearance, discomfor

Mar 10th, 2019
How Can Traveling Affect Your Dental Health? – St. Charles, IL

Booked flights? Yes. Your stuff is all packed. You are even daydreaming of the majestic sceneries waiting for you, and things like “gum disease” or “a toothache” are already not in your mind. However, whether you are planning for a business or holiday trip

Oct 1st, 2018
Can Sparkling Water Dim My Teeth’s Sparkle? – St. Charles, IL

Sodas and other sugar-sweetened drinks are known for its many harmful effects on the body and the teeth. Too much sugar intake can cause different oral problems such as tooth decay and tooth erosion, making people switched to a more sugar-free drink option

Aug 15th, 2018
Show Off Your Best Possible Smile

If your teeth are a source of anxiety about your appearance, you may have considered cosmetic dentistry to correct the issues and renew your smile.

Jun 1st, 2018
Tooth Loss: A Health Risk for Older Adults

Tooth loss is a problem that affects many seniors—and since May is Older Americans Month, this is a good time to talk about it. Did you know that more than a quarter of adults over age 75 have lost all of their natural teeth? This not only affects their qu

May 14th, 2018
Replace Teeth for Better Speech

The month of May has been designated “Better Speech & Hearing Month” by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Why would this be of interest to dental professionals? Because teeth are vital for good speech, and missing teeth can make it very har

May 13th, 2018
Three Things to Know About Crowns Before Your Restoration

Today’s crowns, the visible part of a tooth replacement system, can effectively mimic the shape and color of natural teeth. But not all crowns are equal — so it’s best to be well-informed before you undergo a restoration on your natural teeth such as a sin

Apr 24th, 2018
Why Big Bang Theory Actress Mayim Bialik Couldn’t Have Braces

Mayim Bialik has spent a good part of her life in front of TV cameras: first as the child star of the hit comedy series Blossom, and more recently as Sheldon Cooper’s love interest — a nerdy neuroscientist — on The Big Bang Theory. (In between, she actuall

Apr 14th, 2018
Bitewing X-Rays an Important Tool in Early Tooth Decay Detection

It’s difficult to measure how x-ray imaging has transformed dentistry since its use became prominent a half century ago. As equipment and methods standardized, the technology revolutionized the way we diagnose tooth decay and other mouth-related issues.

Mar 30th, 2018
4 Celebrities with Veneers

Do you think all of your favorite celebrities achieved their red carpet status because they were lucky enough to be born with perfect looks and great talent? Well, the truth is that many celebrities achieve their picture­ perfect smiles by getting veneers!

Feb 15th, 2018
Johnny’s Teeth Aren’t Rotten Any More

Everyone has to face the music at some time — even John Lydon, former lead singer of The Sex Pistols, arguably England’s best known punk rock band. The 59-year old musician was once better known by his stage name, Johnny Rotten.v

Feb 13th, 2018