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Laser Dentistry

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Laser technology has led to astounding improvements in dental care and Keith Bram, DDS, and Rick Brar, DMD, of Envision a Smile in St. Charles, Illinois, are proud to offer laser dentistry to men and women in the greater Chicago area. To learn more about how this technology can improve your dental health, schedule a consultation at Envision a Smile today, online or by phone.

Laser Dentistry Q & A

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry involves using concentrated beams of light to alter the soft or hard tissues within your mouth. There are various laser platforms to choose from, each designed to address specific needs and treatment goals.

Some lasers treat the soft tissues in your mouth, including your gums. These tools can remove excess gum tissue, treat oral ulcers, or release abnormally tight muscle attachments in your mouth.

Other lasers treat hard tissues like your teeth and bones. These tools can prepare teeth for fillings, root canal therapy or remove decay.

At Envision a Smile, the dentists use the Epic X™ and BIOLASEⓇ Waterlase for laser dentistry procedures.

What is the Epic X laser?

Epic X is a diode laser designed for dental treatments. It’s an incredibly versatile dental instrument the Envision a Smile dental team uses to address numerous common dental issues.

Laser teeth whitening is one treatment facilitated by the Epic X laser. The process is quick and easy and can boost the wattage of your smile considerably after just one treatment. If you’re thinking of trying professional teeth whitening services at Envision a Smile, the Epic X laser can deliver great results in only 20 minutes of treatment time.  

Epic X can also provide temporary pain relief for men and women living with a temporomandibular joint disorder or other painful jaw problems. These conditions can make it hard to eat, speak, or yawn without significant pain, and can also cause serious sleep disruptions.

What is the Waterlase dental laser?

The Waterlase is an award-winning system from BIOLASE. It offers an alternative to the traditional tools used to perform dental procedures, including the dental drill.

Waterlase technology combines water and air with laser energy to cut tooth tissue. Because the process delivers a continuous stream of water, it reduces heat and helps your tooth stay hydrated while your Envision a Smile dentist works to remove decay and prepare your tooth for restoration.

One of the biggest benefits of Waterlase and laser dentistry in general at Envision a Smile is the chance to achieve excellent outcomes without removing more tooth tissue than necessary. That conservative approach helps your teeth remain healthy and strong.

To learn more about the laser dentistry options available through Envision a Smile, schedule your appointment today using the online booking tool or over the phone.