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Teeth Whitening in St. Charles, IL

One of the most common reasons people seek out cosmetic dental treatments is to brighten their teeth. White and vibrant teeth are a symbol of strength, youth and good health. But when teeth are darkened and yellowed, a person can appear aged, tired and frail. Fortunately, there are ways to eliminate that staining that causes teeth discolorations and improve the look of a person’s smile. Our professional teeth whitening treatments are used to accomplish this task.

Teeth whitening is accomplished using oxygen ions that enter the inner structure of teeth and eliminate staining. At Envision a Smile, we use our own, in-house hydrogen peroxide whitening gels to ensure the best results. We also offer laser bleaching treatments that work in a somewhat similar manner. As with conventional whitening, a special whitening substance is applied directly to the teeth. But unlike with conventional treatments, a powerful laser is used to activate the substance so that it releases oxygen ions very quickly and efficiently. The laser speeds up the whitening process, and it allows patients to receive tremendous results in a very quick manner.

Both conventional whitening and laser bleaching are extremely safe. Most patients achieve the results they desire after just one whitening treatment. Most whitening treatments can be completed in under an hour, and the results are absolutely worth the wait.

After whitening treatment is complete, there are things that can be done to help ensure that the treated teeth remain bright and vibrant. Patients should make sure to brush their teeth at least twice per day, floss once per day and receive dental checkups twice per year. It is also wise to refrain from smoking or using tobacco products, as they are a major cause of discoloration.

If you want to brighten your smile and improve the look of your teeth, then professional whitening might be for you. Please call us at 630-454-8166 to schedule an appointment.

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"I have been going here for 10 years. The staff is great, superior with children. Their dental and cosmetic procedures are all good."

Angela W.

"Everyone is wonderful in this office. Great competent care. I've been going to Dr. Brar for many years. Sonja is always flexible with scheduling if something comes up and the rest of the staff is always kind and considerate."

Michelle P.

"Just left the dentist office. They did a fantastic job once again on my teeth. Everyone there is very professional and couldn't have been any nicer to me. Really made me feel comfortable. I'm walking out smiling!"

Howard S.
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