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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dental fillings are an effective method for restoring teeth with minor damage or decay. They are often provided when teeth have developed cavities. A cavity refers to a small hole or void in a tooth that is caused by prolonged exposure to bacteria and plaque. While a cavity is usually not a major concern, it can lead to more serious issues if it is left untreated. Food particles and oral bacteria can use a cavity as an entryway to the inside of the tooth. If the inside of a tooth becomes infected, it can begin to rot out from the inside, and it may eventually need to be extracted.

Dental fillings treat cavities and prevent interior damage by sealing off any openings that are present. This restores the overall structure and integrity of teeth, and it leaves them with a pleasing, natural appearance. After being restored with a filling, a tooth will appear like any other healthy tooth, and it will be able to be used in the same manner. At Envision a Smile, we provide tooth-colored composite fillings for our patients. The key benefits of composite fillings include their remarkably natural appearance and their impressive strength and durability. Composite fillings are also safe, and they do not release any unwanted materials or substances into the body.

When providing a dental filling, we start by removing any visible decay or existing filling material from the tooth that is set to receive treatment. Next, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned so that no harmful material remains. The composite filling material will then be carefully applied to seal off any voids or openings. Once the tooth is completely sealed, the substance will be allowed to harden. This will provide the treated tooth with structure and strength. To finish, the filling material will be shaped and polished so that the tooth achieves a desirable appearance. The vast majority of dental fillings remain intact for a very long time, and the patient will be able to use the tooth like normal following treatment.

If you are suffering from a cavity, a dental filling may be able to restore the health of your damaged tooth. By visiting Envision a Smile, our experts can determine if a filling is right for you. Please call us at 630-454-8166 to schedule an appointment.

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