Canceled hygiene routines

Usually, it is easy for people to set an oral care schedule when at home. Regular routines make it possible for the brushing and flossing activities to be performed. In return, problems like tooth decay and gum disease are alleviated. On the other hand, when you’re going somewhere, chances are you need to adjust to some time zone changes, making it challenging to keep track of your teeth cleaning schedule.

What to do?

Do not forget to include a travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss in your carry-on bags. You might also set the alarm every 10 hours for reminders. If you find this ineffective, merely brushing your teeth 20 minutes after each meal will do. Left your oral necessities at home? Try to roam in airport shops as they have stores that sell oral care essentials. You can also inquire at your hotel’s front desk.


Eating Choices

Going on a holiday means fun and a lot of indulgences – to mouth-watering foods specifically. Fine dining at some restaurants, different choices of desserts, savory snacks and alcohols are undeniably tempting. But keep in mind that extra sugar and acidic treats can aggravate teeth problems.

What to do?

You don’t need to torture yourself by avoiding foods that you love, but at least try considering tasty but healthy snacks like fruits or almonds. When consuming some, rinse your mouth afterward. Get yourself a straw whenever it’s time sip on sugary or acidic beverages to reduce the contact of dark liquids to your teeth.


Dental Urgencies

Had a tooth knocked-out or feeling a sudden throb of pain in your teeth is always a hassle even if you are not away from your dentist. When dental emergencies are encountered especially in an unfamiliar place, you might be worried and confused on where to seek help.

What to do?

The best way to get rid of these awful scenarios is by taking preventive care ahead. A well-maintained Regular Dental Checkups appointment with us at Envision a Smile can take care of the issues early to avoid future emergencies to take place.


You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Regular Dental Checkups in St. Charles, IL. Book your appointment with us at Envision a Smile and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!