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Can Sparkling Water Dim My Teeth’s Sparkle? – St. Charles, IL

Sodas and other sugar-sweetened drinks are known for its many harmful effects on the body and the teeth. Too much sugar intake can cause different oral problems such as tooth decay and tooth erosion, making people switched to a more sugar-free drink option, sparkling water.

Sparkling water is infused with carbon dioxide gas, added with salt to improve its taste with a small number of minerals. It is called sparkling water because it sparkles and bubbles due to its carbon content; this is what separates it from the regular drinking water. However, although sparkling water is a much better option than the other sugary drinks, the fact that it is carbonated gets people to worry about how it will negatively affect one’s oral health.

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How can sparkling water be bad for the teeth? Since sparkling water is carbonated, means that it is derived from carbon dioxide, consuming it will produce a chemical reaction to the mouth which turns carbon dioxide into carbonic acid, making the drink more acidic and tastes tangy. The problem arises when the acid is trapped in the tooth enamel thus becoming a potential culprit of tooth erosion or teeth wearing, making it also unideal for the person who suffers from calcium-deficiency. Tooth erosion is associated with different signs including cracking of the tooth, discoloration, and sometimes, sensitivity. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that one might get rid of making sparkling water as an alternative for other unhealthy drink options. A drinking straw might be used to avoid the water from sticking to the teeth when drinking. Despite the possible effects of the sparkling water in an individual’s dental health, it still has some benefits to the person’s health:

Sparkling water offers the same hydration that ordinary drinking water provides.
Drinking carbonated drinks can help fights indigestion.
Sparkling water helps controls weight by keeping the stomach full.
Although sparkling water is less acidic than soft drinks, it is more acidic than plain drinking water. It is not necessary to give up sparkling water but after all, drinking plain water instead is always the best choice.



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